Charlie Van Norman

Hello! I am a programmer, game designer, and junior machine learning engineer.

My passion is building cutting-edge applications in the VR and AR space. These new mediums offer incredible value and unique challenges, and we're only just beginning to discover what's possible!

  • A VR Active Fitness game in collaboration with Alex Goldman, which engages the player to utilize the body and controllers in motion throughout the full play area (2 x 3 meters)
  • Robots are controlled using human inputs in Virtual Reality, and can be trained on the data gathered by human inputs (using Vive controllers)
  • A math sandbox video game for grades 2 - 8 which allows users to edit, create, and share game content from directly inside the application, natively in a web browser.
  • PlaceNote is a platform for AR developers, many of whom need prefabs and techniques to get started for guiding the end user to optimal mapping behaviors. I wrote an extension to the PlaceNote SDK that includes prefabs for developers to help them achieve this.
  • Based on projects designed by the Foresight Institute's May 2018 Molecular Machines workshop
  • As interim CTO I led the development of Vantage Point, a VR harassment enterprise training application. Note the video is private at the request of the company - video demo available on request.
  • As a big believer in video games as the best medium for learning, I also believe VR takes this one step further. This is an experimental immersive experience to teach about the makeup of a cell with labeled organelles.
  • Using Vive and Leap Motion, I built a prototype game that lets you portal between worlds, and recognizes hand gestures for casting magic spells.
  • Using a cubic centimeter of a mouse brain imaged with 3Scan's equipment, I made a virtual reality tour through the vasculature and a mini-game to destroy blood clots. This was on exhibit during the Exploratorium's science week in 2015.
  • We partnered with some of the biggest names in math education, including Dan Meyer and Jo Boaler, to discover the intersection between 3-D action gaming and elementary mathematics. The result was a truly immersive, stress free math game that kids love to play.
  • I led a small team of developers and artists to design and publish two titles, "Santa's Last Stand" and "Bank Defense" for iOS.
  • One of my first solo projects, a search-and-filter website for exploring the startup landscape and searching for new opportunities. The startup data is scraped from CrunchBase. The original vision was to provide startups a go-to resource for funding, incubators, and other opportunities.
  • I led production of the first 3D version of Code Hero, in which you learn programming by editing the world around you in real time using a javascript laser.