Charlie Van Norman

Hello – I'm an entrepreneur and product creator with a technical background. I also teach game design, software development, and management; and develop real estate including eco resorts.
Humanity is improving worldwide across key metrics like income, longevity, and safety. Tech trends are accelerating, and live / work / learn / play models are evolving.
My Mission is to accelerate our progress (and hopefully have some fun along the way!) Let's build new spaces and products that inform, align, and empower, so we may prosper and create our future together.
Apps and Video Games
3D math adventure game for Mac, PC, and iOS with a linear storyline for arithmetic, number line, and fractions.
Super Math World
3D open world math learning game for Web Browsers, with level builder and teacher dashboard.
Enterprise Training
Harassment training app with virtual cell phone and branching narrative for Oculus Rift.
Military Training
Virtual Air Strike simulator including weather control and several interactive military equipment pieces.
Remote Control Robot
Remote control industrial robot which can make toast, pour drinks, and pick junkyard metals.
Molecular Machines
Animated showcase including a modular catalyst synthesizer, controlled molecule flow, and energy storage.
Cellular Anatomy
An immersive exploration of an animal cell with labeled organelles and structures.
Mouse Brain Explorer
Immersive tour through a mouse brain with simulated Clopidogrel administration — Exploratorium exhibit 2015.
VR Fitness
Boxing / Dodging game that engages the player in motion throughout the full body as they rescue the Frog Princess.
Real Estate

Remote, exotic, StarLink-enabled mircro campuses are booming. Pictured below is Mana Retreat Center in Puerto Rico.